About us

LOCUS architecture + design is an expanding architectural practice based in Montreal, Quebec that is currently involved in residential, commercial, and building restoration projects. Founded in 2019 by former classmates at the McGill School of Architecture, the firm develops and executes projects in close collaboration with each stakeholder involved to arrive at best possible result for each individual project.

Fundamentally, we are interested in developing meaningful relationships with our clients and testing the link between two types of architectural experiences: the curated, as prescribed by the architect, and the actual, as experienced by our clients. By the end of the design and construction process, our goal is for these two experiences to concord in the social, environmental, and economic context from within which they are developed.


We are driven to create places that are more than just spaces for our clients – we aim to generate projects that become centers of living which develop with time and that enhance the lives of their inhabitants. With a considerate and rigorous approach as well as with a view oscillating between the scale of the city and ergonomic details, we work to make visible how the world touches us.

In order to achieve this, the development of projects cannot be based on solely on reasoning and intellectually abstract concepts alone. Our design process is based on a constant interplay of feeling and reason. We are constantly designing, building, un-building, redesigning, and rebuilding simultaneously though the process – checking throughout the balance between logic and emotion.


Services offered

Our services range from pre-project studies and building inspections to the production of construction documents and site supervision to name only a few. Over the years, our professional experiences have provided us with a wide range of skills that allow us to adapt to each mandate specifically and respond to our clients’ needs appropriately.

Whether our clients have a specific project in mind or require consultation in the pre-project phase, we are always motivated to help in any way we can. Refer to the contact page to get in touch!