Apartment de Bullion

This project was completed in 2019 and included a complete renovation of a two-floor apartment in the Plateau Mont-Royal. The apartment layout was completely transformed to include four bedrooms and two bathrooms in addition to the living spaces.

In addition to major foundation repairs, new steel members were added to restructure the existing ground and second floor wood structure which were also reinforced and leveled. Humidity problems in the basement were resolved by adding an interior French drain and proper ventilation of the crawl space, which occupies part of the basement level. The staircase to the basement was enlarged for it to be code compliant. Openings to the backyard and in the basement were enlarged, which allowed us to plan rooms in the basement including a new bathroom. A custom dining room table and bench were designed to be as efficient as possible with the remaining room in the living spaces.

In this phase, the front entrance balconies were restored, and the building envelope is slated to be restored in another phase.

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Alain Mousseau, structural engineer *^Jonathan Goguen-Manning, architect

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Steve Montpetit


Plateau Mont-Royal