Giant Steps

In 2018, the Giant Steps School, which is based in Montreal and welcomes students aged 4 to 21 years old with autism spectrum disorders, was looking to expand in order to provide resources and services that support the lifespan needs of people with autism. In conjunction with the Director General and the team of faculty and staff at Giant Steps, the pre-project study and a functional program were developed as part of a fundraising package for the institution.

The new complex had to include a school, a resource and community center, a research and innovation center as well as an adult employment and training center with shared amenities such as a gymnasium and a multi-functional event space. Our proposal grouped these varying functions under an extensive glulaminated wood roof structure in order to unite the community under the canopy.

Project type

Pre-project study and functional program

Completion date



Lara Isaac, stagiaire en architecture/intern architect