Lofts on the Main

Completed in the summer of 2018, this major renovation project was the first of three phases of an adaptive reuse of a building on Saint-Laurent boulevard. Located in a portion (1/14th) of the Baxter Block, which was built in 1892, we were asked to convert two loft-style commercial spaces into two four-bedroom/two-bathroom apartments. Due to the 84 foot depth of the building and the 19’ street and alley frontage, the main challenge was to get natural light into the middle of the building where the living spaces were concentrated. This was achieved by providing five skylights in the top floor apartment, a 12’ x 7’ interior lightwell down to the second-floor apartment as well as the use of internal windows.

In addition to the replanning of the space, we oversaw the reinforcement and leveling of the building’s wood floor and roof structures, roof elastomeric membrane and flashing replacements, repairs to the interior masonry party walls, addition of new electrical, plumbing, ventilation and air conditioning systems as well as the replacement of the sprinkler systems.

The second phase (not pictured), which included the replacement of the commercial facade and renovation the ground floor retail store, was completed in 2018. The third phase (not pictured) will include the masonry and window restauration and will be completed in 2021 with financial contribution from the PRAM – Commerce program, which encourages landowners to maintain their buildings to preserve the cache of the Main.

Project type

Adaptive reuse, restauration, renovation

Completion date

June 2018


Alain Mousseau, structural engineer *^Jonathan Goguen-Manning, architect

Photo credits

Yousef Farasat


Plateau Mont-Royal, Montreal