Located in the Plateau Mont-Royal at the intersection of Marie-Anne and Clark, this 3-storey extension project features two 4-bedroom/2-bathroom apartments on the upper levels with access to a rooftop terrace and a commercial space on the ground floor and basement which is connected to the existing 5-storey building on the site.

Due to its placement on the corner, the project was developed with special attention paid to the modulation of the building at the intersection – thus the placement of the balconies on the upper floors and a ground floor set-back on Marie-Anne and Clark. This also informed the planning of the apartments to provide the tenants with views from their living spaces to the Mont-Royal and, in the opposite direction, toward Saint-Laurent boulevard. The latter is framed by an aluminum and glass box with large sitting windows facing the Main. The cantilever of the upper two floors over Marie-Anne is also intended to accent the view-corridor at eye-height from Saint-Laurent toward the mountain and vice-versa.

The ground floor commercial space is treated distinctively from the upper floors with a perforated and corrugated steel screen which veils the curtain wall and spandrel panels. In contrast, the upper levels are clad in brick and feature a series of staggered windows that span from floor to ceiling.

Developed on an existing parking lot with an asphalt surface, the project also aims to contribute to the combat against the heat-island effect by featuring an expansive green roof and zones for planting on Marie-Anne, on Clark and in the laneway along the perimeter of the building. In addition, the asphalt parking lot in front of the existing 5-storey building will be replaced with turfstone pavers, three planting zones and four new flowering trees to increase the quantity of permeable surfaces on the ground and decreasing the mineral surfaces along this segment of Marie-Anne.

Project type

New construction, extension, residential, commercial

Completion date



Lara Isaac, M.Arch *^Pascal Alagia, dessinateur


Plateau Mont-Royal