Pierre Grise Mont-Royal

This project consists of a complete interior renovation and extension of a three-storey greystone building on Mount-Royal avenue that was originally built in 1900. In addition, the building envelope, including the stone façade, windows, and roof, will be restored and the commercial façade will be replaced.

At the request of our client, the two existing commercial spaces will be combined in to one larger retail store and will be extended to occupy almost 100% of the lot resulting in a 1700 square foot space on the ground floor. In order to integrate the upper two floors of the extension to fit the typical Montreal row-house ‘L-shaped’ typology, we propose to demolish the existing back of the building, which contains only a terrace on the second floor, a wood-clad storage space and the emergency staircase, and rebuild it on the opposite side of the lot. The existing two-floor residential unit will be converted to two (2) single-storey units of approximately 1450 square feet each.

Due to it’s proximity to the heritage building complex of the Sanctuaire du Saint-Sacrement, in addition to the municipal approval procedures, this project will have to be presented and approved by the Ministère de la Culture et la Communication du Québec.

Project type

Extension, residential, commercial, restoration

Completion date



Lara Isaac, stagiaire en architecture/intern architect


Plateau Mont-Royal