Restoration Proche Clark

This project consists of the complete reconstruction and ‘mise-en-valeur’ of the original portion of the front entrance porch and a mandatory code-compliance update as required by the Quebec Construction Code. To achieve this, we proposed to add a landing outside the exterior doors of the porch, to fully restore of the historic wood porch and its guards and handrails and to demolish the little annex, which was added much later to the original structure and which leads to the basement unit.

The annex will be replaced with a stepped landscape-entrance to provide a more open feeling while accessing the lower level unit. Although the entrance to the basement will now be uncovered, the level changes are less than 2’ and are not required to have guardrails as per the National Building Code. This way, the snow can easily be removed in the winter and it also allows for landscaping/planting in the steps.

This three-unit building falls within a protected area due to its proximity to the William-Notman House and the Bon-Pasteur Monastery both on Sherbrooke, therefore the project will have to pass through several rounds of approvals at the municipal and provincial levels.

Project type

Restauration, landscape

Completion date

In development


Jonathan Goguen-Manning, architect *^Lara Isaac, stagiaire en architecture/intern architect