Vues sur Saint-Laurent

Located on Saint-Laurent boulevard near Rachel street in the Plateau Mont-Royal borough, the proposed project replaces a 4-storey building that was deemed structurally unsound and had to be demolished in 2017. The new construction project was developed to include the same uses on each floor, namely three apartments on the top three floors and one two-floor commercial space on the ground floor and basement.

The plot of land where the demolished building once stood is in fact part of the neighboring 4-storey building which the British Manufacturing Company originally used as a textile factory – it has since been converted to loft-style apartments with a retail commercial space on the ground floor. This relationship between the new project and the existing building created the framework for the development of the Saint-Laurent façade, including the alignments and material selection.

Overall, the building is composed of a commercial-level plinth upon which rests a three-storey brick volume containing the residential units. The upper volume is further subdivided in two sections – living spaces in front, on Saint-Laurent and the more private spaces in the back. A large lightwell midway down the length of the building separates these two functions and maximizes the amount of natural light inside the units and promotes natural ventilation of the interior spaces. The chromatically-restrained facade on Saint-Laurent is counterbalanced with playful elements on the secondary facades such as the colored metal panels which cover the building where the main volume has been carved out.

Conceptually the project was developed so that each residential floor has its own unique views toward Saint-Laurent boulevard and, on the upper floors, of the Mount-Royal. Careful consideration was also taken with regards to the outdoor spaces provided to each unit. The second and third floor units have balconies over-looking over Saint-Laurent boulevard while the third and fourth floors feature balconies at the back with views of the mountain.

Project type

Mixed use – Commercial et residential


New construction, extension


Lara Isaac, M. Arch *^Pascal Alagia, dessinateur/draftsman

Completion date

Construction 2021


Plateau Mont-Royal, Montréal